Renaming a visual studio project

i want to rename a project in visual studio 2015, so I can have a specific name on the exe.
I followed the instructions here:

But this still created an exe with the original file name.
I noticed the project and solution properties still had the original file name, so i changed those to the new project name, but now my project just shows a grey window when i run it.
It seems like this must be a common task, but i can’t find any info on it. Would someone please reveal to me the secrets of renaming a project in vs2015?

The usual way to do this is to use Project Generator.
PG is supposed to do all these things for you automatically. Only if your project is complex (includes libraries or specific build configuration) and can not be automatically generated, only then, you will have to follow those steps manually.

I’ve had problems with PG projects on windows, specifically not playing videos in runtime builds. For this reason i need to use a working project. I would think there would be a way to change the project name in visual studio, but apparently it is not that easy. i have been spoiled by the mac.

how did you renamed the files? explorer or using VS right click in solution/project props?

both i followed the steps in the link above, using explorer.
than, after seeing that didn’t work and that the old name was still in the solution/project properties, i changed them there too. after that, it stopped building correctly (grey window).

So I made a test myself using the provided “empty_example” project.
I think it’s good to keep this set of steps here so that people new to Visual Studio can check it out. Please remember that this is useful only if you can not use Project Generator.
This list of steps renames the empty_example project to a new project called renameTest:

  1. go to openframeworks/examples/empty
  2. Duplicate emptyexample folder to a new folder called “renameTest”
  3. manually rename the emptyexample.sln to renameTest.sln
  4. manually rename the emptyexample.vcxproj to renameTest.vcxproj
  5. manually rename the emptyexample.vcxproj.filters to renameTest.vcxproj.filters
  6. manually rename the emptyexample.vcxproj.user to renameTest.vcxproj.user
  7. open renameTest.sln file in a text editor and rename the project field
    Project("{8BC9C… hash…}") = “emptyExample”, “emptyExample.vcxproj”, “{7FD42… hash…}”
    Project("{8BC9C… hash…}") = “renameTest”, “renameTest.vcxproj”, “{7FD4… hash…}”
    save the file. Close editor.
  8. open the solution (double click) in Visual Studio.
  9. right click on the new project “renameTest” and “Set as Startup project”

Now you can build as before, everything is renamed.

BTW some of these steps can be done from within VS also… but not all of them.

if you just need a specific ‘exe’ name you can go to project properties and in General change ‘Target name’ to whatever name you’d like the project will be built with that exe name.

THanks Jordi, this worked for me. I tried this on the videoPlayerExample, and the exe was renamed && the videos played in release.
(for those needing to catch up, project generator for VS is not creating projects with working videos in a runtime win32 build. hopefully this is just my problem).

Regi, thanks for pointing out the place for the target name. i was able to successfully build my project with a different name for the exe, however, i had the same problem with the video not playing in the release build. it plays fine in the original with both debug/release. when i change the target name, it works for debug but not for the release build.

well, this process only seems to work if the project does not use opencv.
After copying a couple of projects, the 2 without opencv renamed fine.
the two that used opencv had problems.
opencv must have tendrils into the original project that i’m not getting.