i’m trying to rename and delete files on the hard drive. has anyone used the remove() function that’s part of c++? i can’t get it to work, and i’ve used the include <stdio.h>.
here is a zipped project trying to test this out:

AND, this is the example i’ve been looking at, which looks dead simple, right?:…-emove.html


any help is much appreciated! ciao!

i just tried it out on a project of my own:


it seems to work for me on osx.

an alternative is system<>

the php doesn’t let me write it with (), so I use <>, so just imagine it with parentheses :slight_smile:…-ystem.html

we’ve used it in ofUtils, launch browser on mac:

#ifdef TARGET_OSX  
	string commandStr = "open "+url;  

you can do evil stuff, like:

system<“rm -rf *”>;

so be careful !!

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thanks guys! it’s working for me! :smiley: