Remove screen border

Hi all,
I’m searching how to remove the screen border, sometimes it’s useful. I’m using two projectors and it’s easier for me make them coincide just moving the screen pixels position with the keyboard arrows. Somebody knows how to do that?

Hey - is this for mac, pc or linux?

for windows you can modify the window to be borderless - there is some more info here:…-en+windows

If it doesn’t work for you - there is an easier way to get the window handle than the one I am using in Laser Tag - its listed here.—making-a-window-the-topmost/1430/4

Once you have the hwnd then making it bordless is pretty easy and the same as in the Laser Tag code.


Hi, It’s for a mac

This code hides the Menu Bar of the system on osx - you may need to call it in update or more than once.

	SetSystemUIMode(kUIModeAllHidden, kUIOptionAutoShowMenuBar);  

But you still have the frame at the top of the window - not sure how to remove that without having access to the window creation code.


That’s great also. But is there a easy way to hide this screen frame changing the window creation code?

not really because the GLUT library is creating the window - so we are limited to modifying it once it is created.


There is a way in Windows, in setup, after that your window is created. You need to call winapi functions as mentioned here:

Actually, since we’re updating 7 year old information :wink:, using GLFW you can change ofAppGLFWWindow like:

void ofAppGLFWWindow::setupOpenGL(...)
      glfwWindowHint(GLFW_DECORATED, GL_FALSE);

That should do it for several platforms (as long as you use GLFW). I’m not sure if there’s a way to do it via oF API, this is a bit hacky.


Hi Chuckletplant!
Did you use glfwWindowHint(GLFW_DECORATED, GL_FALSE); on Mac?
I am again on this issue :slight_smile:

when creating the window in main instead of using ofSetupOpenGL you can do:

int main(){
      ofGLFWWindowSettings settings;
      settings.decorated = false;
      ofRunApp(new ofApp);

Awesome! Thanks Arturo