Remove parameter from ofParameterGroup

Is there a way to remove a parameter from an ofParameterGroup?

no, didn’t realized until now but there’s no way, if you want to add it? i guess by name or passing the parameter again would be the most useful

yes. I’ll give it a shot. I guess it should support the same arguments like the get functions?

ofParameterGroup::remove(ofParameter& p); ofParameterGroup::remove(const string& name); ofParameterGroup::remove(std::size_t pos);

yeah makes sense, take into account that ofParameter has an internal shared_pointer to an object that’s what you need to compare in order to know if it’s the same object

Alright. I’ll then have to remove the object from both the parametersIndex and parameters of the ofParameterGroup::obj?

And ofParameters remove links to their former parents automatically when trying to broadcast change events?