remove a ofxgui slider object?

Hi list,

I’m using the ofxGui class on ofx500 and it is gorgeous!

I’d like to be able to remove a certain gui object after a certain event occurs while leaving the rest active. Is it possible? I was thinking I could have 2 ofxGui’s but was not sure how to deal with the ofxguilisteners since I’d have them pointing at the same thing! Is there a way to have 2 ofxGui’s? or a removePanel object I missed?

Any help would be appreciated!


This seems to work for me… but I know I read in another post that you are all working on it!

add to ofxgui.h

void removePanel(int id)  

add to ofxgui.cpp

void ofxGui::removePanel(int id)  
	for(vector<ofxGuiObject*>::iterator it = mObjects.begin(); it < mObjects.end(); it++)  
		if( (*it)->mParamId == id )  
			mObjects.erase(it-1, it);