Remotely controlling OF-App

Hi Guys,

i am contorlling an arduino app with openframeworks with the keyboard, i would like to do it with my iphone or an web interface. Did some research but couldn’t find anything. But i can remember that memo once did something like that. I don’t mean the OSC-App (which would be my 2. choice)

Would be nice if you could share your knowledge with me

thank you

If you can have a computer near your Arduino it can communicate with it over RF, USB, or any number of ways. If that’s not possible then you can have an infrared controller communicate with Arduino, build a small remote control to communicate over RF, or add an ethernet shield ( and simple talk to it over ethernet.

You might be talking about the tweet dress? (, which actually communicated with an Arduino (or other µC) using Serial over the audio cable, which is a really neat trick, but requires a cabled connection.