relocate DLLs

when code blocks compiles the .exe file it also places a few dll files in the bin folder.
is it possible to have those DLLs sit inside the data folder?

what would i have to change to make this work?


there might be some options in windows to modify the search path on a per-app basis?

i also just found this

i know it’s possible, because you can do it with QT

i can’t figure this out. i am too new to windows and code blocks. i usually work on osx.

i learned that you can tell files to be hidden through their property panel. but ones i burn them on to a dvd-r they are visible again.

here’s another alternative (massive hack): just make a folder that is completely hidden that contains the actual .exe (call it something scary like “.appdata”), and then make a shortcut to the exe :slight_smile:

funny. it’s exactly what i am working on right now.

problem is that i have to burn all this on to a dvd. and the shortcut file remembers the absolute path.

now i am reading about creating a text file which has the relative path inside it. then convert that txt file to bat file and making that in to an .exe

but no success yet.
google - > how-to-create-shortcuts-with-a-relative-path-for-use-on-usb-drives/

I ran into this a few years back trying to autorun something off a CD drive. Trying to figure out what the drive letter was a pain and after that security settings became another roadblock (depending on the version of Windows)

Here is how MProjector (Application wrapper for Flash that gave you special system calls) did it

Might be worth looking into what it takes to create an installer if you are allowed to write to the system