Regular Expression in OF 0.9

I’ve seen that in the examples folder, under utils the regualr expression example is using Poco::RegularExpression.
Is there a reason to prefer that library over the default c++ 11 implementation? or is just there because it was like that in the previous release without the c++ 11 features?

yes it’s just because the previous version didn’t have support for c++11, in fact the core already uses std::regex instead. another problem is that old compilers (for example the one in the raspberry pi) still don’t have full support for std::regex so it’s probably better to leave the example as it is for 0.9 but if you want to send a PR we can merge it after 0.9 is released

Ah ok.
PR in the future is a good idea,i’m working on a project that use regular expressions, and it would be easy to add a small example in that folder.