Referencing Classes in Visual Studio 2015

Hi All,

I’m following the examples through ofBook however when I add #include "Ball.h" to ofApp.h I get the following error:
cannot open source file "Ball.h"

Ball.h and Ball.cpp are both located in the src folder, am I missing a reference somewhere?


SOLVED: Despite VS showing the Ball.h and Ball.cpp file to be in the src they were actually located in the previous folder. I moved them manually and restarted VS.

Learning to work with VS seems to be a bigger challenge than Openframeworks itself :smirk:

I have question regarding VS, when I write a program and change some of the code it seems on some occasions the previous version is still being executed. When does one decide to rebuild the solution?

When you hit F5, VS checks for changes in the files of your solution, if there was any, it recompiles those files and all the objects depending on those files. So, in fact, you are not supposed to rebuild (clean+build) unless you see weird things happening (really doesn’t happen frequently).

Sometimes when Im moving lots of code i can see the compiler complaining on things i have already fixed, this means it is using old compiled objects instead of rebuilding them. Then i rebuild so that i make sure everything is fresh. One nice tip here, to save you time, is to exclude OF from the build. Then you can rebuild much faster. To do that:
Right click on Solution/ Config props/
And uncheck openframeworksLib. You will have to rebuild it manually if you change anything on the core (but don’t worry, compiler will let you konw).


Thanks for the tip Jordi!