Redraw window contents during window resize

I am evaluating Ofx and Cinder as possible frameworks for a migration of an already existing cross platform application.

I went through the tutorial “Basics of Generating Meshes from an Image” tutorial - which seems to give a great overview of the pipeline I would be using: basically a list of vertices in an ofMesh or ofVboMesh that would be drawn as either points or lines - no shader stuff, no normals - just vertices, lines and points (for now).

Whenever I drag to resize the app window, it turns white during the drag - and redraws itself once the drag has finished (so far all of my testing has been on OS X - so not sure if Windows does the same thing).

I have noticed many of the example apps behave the same way. Am I missing a simple configuration parameter to make it so the window is updated during the resize? Is this possible?

A second but less important issue is that it seems the Of 3D coordinate system is mapped to the window size - this seems like a really bad idea. Shouldn’t the coordinate system be normalized so that no matter what the size of the window, the render will be scaled correctly?

Note: Most of the basic Cinder examples have flawlessly smooth window resizing.

lots of info (and potential fixes) on that here

Ok - so it looks like I need to be using ofAppGLFWindow… is there an example which shows how to do this? How can I migrate a dirt simple app based of ofBaseApp to something which exposes an ofAppGLFWindow?

So after looking into this a bit more, it looks like you actually modify the framework itself, and not your app.

I followed the advice from kritzikratzi:

"in my sketch i used ofSetBackgroundAuto(true) and added instance->draw(); to the end of the resize_cb callback. "

This works perfectly for me and is quite smooth.

Now on to figuring out the best way to use normalized coordinates.