Recursive ofxDirlist

Im working on this now, figure I would ask to see if someone else has solved it. Has anyone tried to make ofxDirlist recursive, so that it gets all images in a folders with in folders …


I’d do it with Poco.

When 0.06 is out I’ll be doing a fully featured version.

For now:…

Have at it. Needs Poco, you would just have to fiddle up a very Multidimensional Vector…



Is this recursive of just one level of folders?

wow this is hard I have been searching and can’t not find anything to help me do this. I am now tying to hack Theo’s Dir list to see if I can get it to search sub directories. If anyone can help :slight_smile:

maybe this is a good link?…-standard-c

How do you iterate through every file/directory recursively in standard C++

You don’t. The c++ standard has no concept of directories.

this is where either system level stuff, like windows / linux & mac specific code would be used or a higher level library like poco, boost, qt, etc.

I hope that helps!

Based on JGLs code above I made this poco based directory lister. I kept the functions largely inline with ofxDirList, but added recursion, file size, date created and modified.

Works on Mac and PC - not tried on linux.

Take care with recursion - particularly on 'Nix based systems if you point it at a mount point (ie., /Volumes) then it will go on forever, 'curse it :wink: