Rectangle Grid HSB Color. Compile Ok but nothing happen, why?

Hello frameworkers. Develop this code (CODE.png), it compiles without errors and when it runs it does nothing.
The idea is that you draw a grid of 256 squares by 256 squares of 10 px on a side. The squares of the same row are colored with the same ink but the value of saturation and brightness increases in each column.
You can see in the console how the variables are taking values but in the graphic window nothing is happening, why?

Thank you very much for your help

Hola frameworkers. Desarrolle este codigo (CODE.png), se compila sin errores y cuando corre no hace nada.

La idea es que dibuje una grilla de cuadrados de 256 cuadorados por 256 cuadrados de 10 px de lado. Los cuadrados de una misma fila estan coloreados con la misma tinta pero se va incrementando en cada columna el valor de la saturacion y brillo.

Se puede ver en la consola como las variables van tomando valores pero en la ventana grafica no se ve que sucedad nada, porque??

Muchas gracias por su ayuda


can you paste your code in (not in a jpg) or upload a zip of it so it would be possible to run it? include both the changes to ofApp.h and the code in ofApp.cpp.

src.rar (1,3 KB)
Thank for your answer zach. Here upload a zip scr folder.

the code works for me

what platform (ie, windows / visual studio) are you on? Can you try cleaning and re-building the project?

windows 10 64 Bits and Visual Studio 2017.