recording video then playing back the capture


I want to develop a project that will record peoples high fives and play them back for another visitor to high five with.

I know I will be probably need to use openCV,video grabber and video player and then store all of the data (recordings in an xml).

so the basic action going on is that

  1. a person steps up to the installation and participates in a high five with a previous recording of a high five.

  2. the newest high five recorded by the previous person is stored in the xml.

  3. all of the high fives (recordings) in the xml are randomly drawn to play on the screen tell another person acts.

As a pure beginner I thought this would be a great learning project to start with.

I know this algorithm is basic but it communicates what I am thinking to do.

What would be the best way to implement this project using the OF libraries.

Best and thanks for any comments,
Greg Oppman

  1. i’d suggest skipping the XML and just using a data structure in memory to store the high-fives. it’s much easier to write out XML data at the end than to by constantly reading and writing.

  2. ofVideoGrabber doesn’t let you save videos to disk. if you search here on the forums, there should be some info about how to save videos to disk… you’ll need to do this because keeping them all in memory won’t be an option if you have many videos.

good luck!

Thanks for the tip, I am searching info right now on how to write video to a disk. If you come across anything on this. I would down to see the info.


I’m looking for the same thing (record movie of screen) and I haven’t found an implementation on openFrameworks, but I found something for Objective-C (Mac Only)…-Intro.html it might help you :slight_smile:


ROCK ON! thank you for the info Alejandro and Damian!

Got the ofxQtVideoSaver kindof working (some codec problems I hope) you should check it out!