Recording video input at high framerate

I have a few USB 2.0 cameras which I have, in the past, used for interactive installations and performances. I’d like to use them to record footage. The cameras themselves can be set for 15, 30, 60, 120 fps.

If I want to record the input video at 120fps, what’s the best method?

Right now, for ~60fps, I’m just using the saveframe function. That only occurs every pass through the update() function, and my computer won’t run oF code faster than 60fps, even if I request faster (is there a way to release this limit?).

Even for 30 or 60 fps, there must be a better method than called “ofSaveFrame()” for every frame, and then compiling all the images in other software. Thoughts?


you can make a threaded saveFrame, look in ofxaddons there is one that does exactly this