recording video from camera and for later play back

I would like to know if there is any way to record a short video in a buffer (of something like that) from a camera device and plays it back later.


You may take a look at the slitscan examples in this thread
Forum member “jesusgollonet” has come up with some sweet neat slit scanning examples. The examples employ a frame buffer to save a number of frames and do a video playback. I think, you want to do something simpler.

Personally, I have been playing around with the frame grabbing examples and I may be able to come up with some source code that does pretty much what you want.

dear Nick
thanks very much for your replay
I will take a look of Jesus Gollones example. I diden’t knew it !!. I search very much in this forum before to post but I could not found anything.
if you want to put share your code with of community it will be fantastic also

You are welcome.
Jesus has done a great job with his slit scanning example.…
If you play around with the portions and frames in buffer parameters, you will
see it pretty much answers your question.

hi diego!

i’ve been working on a small tool that records and plays back at varying framerates – here is an early version that might be what you are looking for. It simply records each frame from the camera into a vector of ofImages.


hi Criss
thanks very much!! I downloaded and I will try it tomorrow
I will let you know