Recording movies with sound

Zachs memoryMovieMaker will record a pixel buffer to a quicktime file, but do you know any way we could also record audio to this (from microphone etc)


I guess the quicktime code could be hacked to do this, but the easiest way I know to do this (unless you need to do it programatically) is to use fraps:

which can record realtime A/V –

I used it, for example, to record the output (a/v) of the examples I posted here:

you have to process the movie after you’ve savedit, I use virtual dub to get it to a more manageable size.


Yeah I use Fraps too.

I was thinking programatically, where the user records a video with sound.

I’ve seen some stuff on google that lets you record the audio into a wav file, but then you’d have to combine the video and audio files together yourself later.

Will keep digging around.

Another Window a/v recorder that’s open source is CamStudio:

While fraps is better known, CamStudio seems to have more codec options, including a lossless codec which is good for retaining quality.

I had a look at syncing audio with video while coding the initial linux video player - it’s possible but it’s a little complicated.

can you trigger camstudio from openframeworks?
or can you trigger both openframeworks and camstudio from a python script or similar?

trying to put together a videobooth kiosk type installation with a simple one or two button interface. need to get both audio and video. doesn’t have to be high quality. would love to do it all from OF but seems likely one of these external screen capture programs may be the easiest option to sync’d audio and video?


hey dan,

how did you do it in the end? did you use OF or an external recorder triggered from OF?

I’ve used Camstudio but I found the audio and video doesn’t match up properly. Has anyone else had that problem?