Recording Kinect (v2) point clouds on mac

Hey all!

I’m making a music video for a friend. I’d like to incorporate recorded performances of the band playing using a Kinect v2 capturing a point cloud. At the moment I’m using ofxMultiKinectV2 on a Mac and I’d like to record the point cloud for subsequent manipulating and editing. Do you know any addons or techniques to capture the point cloud and save it on disk for later use? Ideally I would like something with can easily be sync’ed with the music.

I’d look into pcl. It is a little like opencv for point clouds. It is a huge library but also has all the tools to read and write point clouds.

I’ve written a GTK app to record a point cloud. It is quite old and probably won’t compile anymore. But the ThreadedPclRecorder class might give you some hints. (26.0 KB)

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