Recording & Encoding WebcamS flows with HAP?

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I’m interested to know if someone here already used HAP encoding with OF.
We can find some players examples but I didn’t find one addressing HAP encoding.

Any infos would be appreciated.

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On macOS I have used ofxFFmpegRecorder

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Hi @stephanschulz and thanks a lot. It is pretty straightforward that way.

I am noticing that this works well on macOS 10.15.7 with OF 0.11.0 but crashes with OF 0.11.2.

I noticed I had some difference between my OF 0.11.0 and OF 0.11.2 addons.
Now HAP works also on OF 0.11.2 with my fork version of the addon

just a quick note that syphon video recorder can record to hap IIRC, so you could do
of----- (syphon)---->syphon video recorder
it’s a separate app so I’m not sure about scripting / automating it.

yes that a nice option too.
in my case I want to record audio and video and then join them together.
I would be worried that using a 2nd app might make it harder to have video+audio synced.

syphon recorder records audio too.
I’ve used blackhole to route the macOs audio output as an input and record audio + video in sync

or you can record with the computer mic and then replace the audio in some editor (at least you have some kind of clapboard here)

in my case I am planning to use ofxGStreamer to get an Axis camera’s video + audio in to OF and record it with ofxffmpegrecorder in to Hap codec with alpha channel.

For future reference recording in to hap with alpha using ofxffmpegrecorder got solved.