Recording audio to file from multiple mics

Hi, everyone!

Is it possible to get audio from multiple mics and write them to .mov or .wav or some other kind of audio file? For now it’s fairly easy to get several soundStreams by explicitly setting mics’ ids (soundStream.setDeviceID(1); etc.)

But the problem is with saving the audio data to file.
After extensive research I’ve found several plugins and forum threads:
Controlling two microphones in OF
Recording Sound & Video this one is pretty cool, but is not compatible with newer versions of XCode environment;
– there’s also an AV Foundation Framework, and part of it was adapted as ofx addon, but it deals with only video playback.

So, any ideas on writing audio to file in modern xcode and recent versions of OF, or, maybe, someone had an experience adapting native frameworks like AV to ofx projects?

Thanks in advance!