recording and playing kinect streams: which addon


For being able to replicate and analyse the results of my tracking code I want to record and play the kinect data streams. unfortunately this feature has been removed from the latest ofxKinect release, with a hint that there are other addons with this feature.
ofxKinectDataWriter is really out of date and needs some linux code removed to even compile on windows. moreover there is some opengl code in it that really is not working. which makes me wonder if i should invest my time to implement ofxKinectDataReader into my project.
Then there is faknect from the openkinect project, which I fail to make on windows, and the author wrote me to just use linux, which is not an option.

Anyone has some recommendations, what to use?

ofxOpenNI can do recording to ONI files

thanks openNI recording and playing is working fine. though the addon is a little overblown as i do not need the tracking code in there.