record with fmod

Hi All,

I’d enhanced ofSoundPlayer to stream sound while monitoring it (from input sources), to create a sound from memory and to user some dsp using fmod. it is compatible with pc and mac and I will be glad to contribute it.

I’d noticed that once you initialized fmod, you can’t log to mac terminal (using ofLog or printf) although pc is ok.
I’m also interested to know why you didn’t use fmod for the streaming, is it the license issue ?



Please post your code…streaming would be a useful thing to have setup :slight_smile:

OF at the moment just has a simple sample playback API for simplicity. Feel free to extend the soundplayer for more complicated requirements.

The lack of streaming is just to keep the core API minimal and has nothing to do with licensing. By simply using FMOD you are invoking its license…streaming or not.

Strange about the logging on OSX, although I’m sure there must be a way around that.
Maybe post something on the FMOD forums if you can’t fix it yourself…