Record Video and Audio


I’d like to record the OpenFrameworks window to a video file, high quality.

Ideally, I’d also like to capture audio that is playing in another application in the background (like iTunes) into that video file.

I need to do this from within the app only - i.e. no 3rd party /external screencapture software.

What’s the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance!!



I’m not sure how you would get audio from another application into OF without using something like JACK audio or something like it (ie soundflower). If there is, I would really like to know as well!

As for video recording, perhaps take a look at ofxVideoRecorder and I found this thread helpful as well.


Can confirm that soundflower into oF app works nicely, been doing that fairly often to make audio reactive stuff when the audio is coming from another app (QuickTime/iTunes etc). Just make sure the input/output routing of audio is correct.

As for recording AV, can’t help with that, but I’m curious to know, so if you get something working, let us know!


If you are on mac you can use ofxSyphon to publixh the texture of what your work and syphone recorder to record. This will also take an audio input from soundflower or sound syphon.


Is there a guide on how to do this?


I tried using ofxVideoRecorder; I got audio recording (into a .mov file) but no video. No matter what I set VideoGrabber’s dimensions to (640,480), it always simply returns dimensions of (0,0). It’s possible it can’t find my ffmpeg install - i don’t know how to check for that. Anyone know?