record system audio?

I’d love to be able to directly capture the audio output from my of app (i.e. record it without passing through analog).

Soundflower can generally do this (it is built into a screen capture app I am using called iShowU), and it generally works for me, capturing system audio… but NOT from my of app. I’m using the usual rtaudio stuff, on OS 10.4.

I’ve tried audiohijack as well, but it also has soundflower inside, and gave the same result.

Any ideas to get soundflower to work, or alternate ways to capture the audio?


Yep. I had the same problem with oF. I could not capture the audio output with any of the tools i could find on the net. I ended up using the build-in mic. :frowning:

The result can be seen here.

Did you try it with jack?

Please let me know if you come up with a solution for capturing rtAudio streams on OSX.

No luck with jack (thanks for the link), but I did come up with something else…

So I looked over at an 1/8" audio cable, and then at the headphone and line in ports on my computer, and a little light bulb went on over my head…

I just connected the audio out directly to the audio in, and recorded output from my of project into audacity. Nice and crisp!

So obviously this does pass through DAC and ADC, but at least it doesn’t go through a speaker, the air, and a mic. So hopefully it’s not TOO lossy.

One drawback is that I don’t have a way to monitor the output while it’s running- but a headphone splitter should solve that.

have you tried using snapz pro and then throwing away the videostream?
i’ve been using it and it works perfectly for me

Thanks- Snapz pro works great! Problem solved.

This also makes me happy because the same company, ambrosia, made some great mac games that I enjoyed in the mid 90’s…

some results:

If only snapz pro were free and not a 14 day trial…

Another good one is iShowU
It uses Soundflower to get the audio mix -

Nice project btw!!
Really nice!