Record generated video to disk? (and codec question)

Two questions:

1__ The example project for osxVideoRecorder (in OF v0.8.4) shows how to record video from a live camera. How can one record video that is generated…that is, frames for an animation, rather than a feed from a live camera?

In the example, the videoRecorder is attached to the videoGrabber:

 ofVideoGrabber 		vidGrabber;
 ofPtr<ofQTKitGrabber>	vidRecorder;

// 2. Set our video grabber to use this source.

How could this ofPtr<ofQTKitGrabber> be used with any image, not just those coming from the ofVideoGrabber?

2__ Is it possible to record video to disk using Apple ProRes codec? The osxVideoRecorder example logs ten codecs for my system, but Apple ProRes is not one of them:

[verbose] ofQTKitGrabber: listing available video codecs:
[verbose] ofQtKitGrabber: 0 - QTCompressionOptionsLosslessAppleIntermediateVideo
[verbose] ofQtKitGrabber: 1 - QTCompressionOptionsLosslessAnimationVideo
[verbose] ofQtKitGrabber: 2 - QTCompressionOptionsHD720SizeH264Video
[verbose] ofQtKitGrabber: 3 - QTCompressionOptionsSD480SizeH264Video
[verbose] ofQtKitGrabber: 4 - QTCompressionOptions240SizeH264Video
[verbose] ofQtKitGrabber: 5 - QTCompressionOptions120SizeH264Video
[verbose] ofQtKitGrabber: 6 - QTCompressionOptionsSD480SizeMPEG4Video
[verbose] ofQtKitGrabber: 7 - QTCompressionOptions240SizeMPEG4Video
[verbose] ofQtKitGrabber: 8 - QTCompressionOptions120SizeMPEG4Video
[verbose] ofQtKitGrabber: 9 - QTCompressionOptionsJPEGVideo

Thanks !

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