Record and playback generated animation?


I know there’s a ton of information about that in the forum but I can’t figure out what to use that is up to date…
I want to record the animation that I generate and then play it back with scrubbing and speed variation.

For the recording, i already try :
ofxVideoRecorder, ofxFFmpegRecorder, ofxSyphon and several technic with Images sequencing.

and for the playback :
ofVideoPlayer, ofxAVFvideoPlayer and ofxHPVPlayer.

  • At the recording time, I need to generate a codec that I’ll be able to access each frame (no keyframe) to be able to do scrubbing later. I think .HAP or .HPV let me do that but ffmpeg and the other technic I tried doesn’t support those codec ?
  • If I go with image sequencing, I’m able to record the sequence, but for the playback, based on the example “imageSequenceExample”, I cannot load image into vector in realtime.
    I need to record several video less then 20 second, so I don’t think Image sequencing is the way to go for good performance ?

well, what is ‘a good’ way to go for a good quality and good performance ?

Thank’s a lot !

image sequence can actually be a very efficient method. actually more than using video. as you can store the uncompressed image data and then just loading will only mean to read from disk, no decompression needed to be done. I´ve seen several addons that implement such (take a look in and I have also implemented it, some long time ago although. Also, if this animations are not too long you can simply keep this in ram and not save to disk.
The question is, do you really need to record the video? You can store all the necesary parameters for generating a certain animation and then simply recall these to generate it once again in real time.

Actually, I will give a try with storing parameters. I didn’t even think about that option.
Thank you !

Last year I’ve used Vezér software for macOS to automate various parameters from my app and generate a video in the end. I’ve used it sending osc to ofxMicroUI, so the final video could be recorded at the end of the process after all edit was done.

There is also ofxLineaDeTiempo which is a timeline addon which is really easy to use and would provide something very similar to what @dimitre mentions. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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