recompile addons in Eclipse H?


how do I force Eclipse H to recompile the addons of my ofAndroid project?

I’m looking at the .class file’s properties in the
and it doesn’t seem to get recompiled when i change the .java file in
and rebuild my project.
(I’m talking about my new MediaPLayer class here.)

I rebuilt my workspace this morning, and the .class file was compiled at that moment, but after that it hasn’t changed.

i’m still in OF 0062 (since 007 doesn’t contain the .project file for the addons which therefore can’t be imported)

any ideas?


sometimes the android toolchain fails to detect that java files have changed, you can force it to recompile by deleting everything in the bin folder except for the data folder. i’ll add this to the makefiles so tis done automatically.

tha addons project is a plain project so you can just create a new project in the addons folder to use 007. didnt knew that it was missing that file. will update the download

yes, it looks that way. there are two places where there are class files, one is in the bin folder of the project, the other in the bin-folder of the ofxAndroid/ofAndroidLib/ project. when i clear out both paces, the ones in my app project get regenerated, the ones in the addon’s do not. I’m not sure this is a problem.