Recompilation doesn't change the app

I’m having some troubles compiling android apps.
Basically what is happening is that if I make a change in my code, this change is not made in the apps.
The code build and install without problems!
Also cleaning and building everything again doesn’t change anything.
Recreating the project from and empty project sometime is the solution.

Other times it compile fine, but when I run it on the cellphone appear the popup saying that the app has stopped!!

Any guess

Thank you

Hi there,

just wanted to state that I’m experiencing the same troubles, mainly with change in code not being represented in the app. This usually starts after only a few testing-iterations of simple test apps included in the of android package (recently I’m mostly just trying to change the text in androidCameraExample)…

This is basically driving me nuts, so if anyone got some solutions to this…

Best, Benni.

For the record: I did build on the androidCameraExample when I had those problems. Now I’m using the androidOpenCVExample and it works okay for quite a while now… (except for all those other inconveniences Eclipse brings with itself ;-), at least for not-so-experienced users like me).

Best, Benni.

Yeah I’ve been having this problem also. No sequence of clean / build seems to fix this either.

One of many issues I’ve had with eclipse on OSX for oF.

I’ve just switched over to NetBeans and all is good and beautiful.

Use the same project folder you use for Eclipse.
It will find the ofAndroidLib automatically.
No need to link to oF source and ofAndroidLib does the job.
Just drag srcJava into the src directory.
Never touch the horrors of eclipse again XD.

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I’m experiencing the same problem. Anyone found solution to this?

I guess just force the IDE to compile by changing the files it checks if it needs to make a new build… this could be done manually by deleting the objects directory and possibly the output apk.

This is a problem with Android, not specific to openFrameworks.
It’s just made a bit worse with openFrameworks as you tend not to click the clean button (as it deletes the bin/data folder and all that) :wink: