Recommended video-player "jukebox" for oF 0.9.7, macOS10.10+

Hi, being more of a webdev and an oF dabbler, I’m a bit confused as to which video player addon to use. I inherited an oF 0.8.4 project which used QTKit and was frequently crashing. I’d like to upgrade and eliminate crashing.

Ours is a simple application: a back-end player for art films from 35-seconds to full length movies. (The front-end film selection is made externally, and the commands are sent to this application.) The application will only be playing films one at a time, based on a queue, but will need to select among the 250+ disk-based films (and growing) in our collection. These films are stored on a disk array. All use mp4 containers and h264 encoding. Playback is 1920x1024 on a Barco projector, driven by a MacPro (macOS 10.10, 32G memory)

Going to and searching within page for “videoplayer” I find 8 or 9 options (eliminating those that don’t apply to macOS), with development activity ranging from 2–4 years ago and quoted releases from 0.7.3 to 0.9.2. The newest among these choices is ofxVLCVideoPlayer, but rather than introduce the vlc-library I’m wondering if adequate support exists for something mac-native—this would suggest either ofxAVFoundation (2 yrs old, 0.8.3) or ofxAVFVideoPlayer (3 yrs old, 0.7.4). I have to say, none of the options are comfortably new. To make matters worse, some of these players have multiple forks on github, all different from each other (e.g., ofxAVFVideoPlayer has 5 forks).

Having tried a few addons with their associated examples and experiencing various forms of crashing, I’m wary of making this choice arbitrarily and seek the advice of an expert in this area.

why not using ofvideograbber? Since this is the standard method for playing video using quicktime on mac you may try it.

Thanks nanu_c, I hadn’t considered it because its name implies the other direction, grabbing frames from the camera. But now I see that it extends other classes. In the mean time I’ve started with ofxVLCVideoPlayer which involves installing the vlclib as well, but I’m ok with that. Having a plan-B using native players would still be nice, so I’ll keep my options open.

I think @nanu_c was speaking about ofVideoPlayer

Thanks everyone. I ended up using ofVideoPlayer over ofxVLCVideoPlayer. Not requiring the installation of VLC streamlined the deployment as well!

FYI, this stuff is now driving the Walker Art Center’s Mediatheque, a video jukebox exhibiting the Walker’s moving image collection. There are now over 265 titles available for the public to queue-up and watch.