Recommendations for small head-mountable cameras for live use?

I’d like to be able to wear the camera on my head and use its output in oF live. Any recommendations? There’s this, but I don’t know if you can use its output live.

Otherwise, I could just get a webcam and clip it to a headband or this thing. Any recommendations for small webcams?

@s_e_p something happened to your first link. it seems like some cat was walking in your keyboard.

Are you wearing the computer also? I imagine is a usb camera you are looking for?

@dimitre Yeah, I can’t find the item now either, so maybe I imagined it…

USB would be good. Then I could use a USB extension cable so I don’t need to carry the computer.

Found the link! The cat writings were part of it. Looks like it probably doesn’t have USB connectivity though. Just liked the way it looks. xD

EDIT: OK, ordered the Logitech C920n.