Recommendations for Installation Computer

Hey all,

I’ve reached my limit with Apple and I am looking for a PC to run my installations. Ideally the machine would be compact, relatively quiet, have a discrete GPU (or room for one), have an extra PCI slot for a video capture card, and be reliable under load for the better part of the day. Is there a brand/model that you trust? And if you custom build, what is your experience with reliability?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been eyeing the MSI Trident X for an upcoming installation. Not sure if it has an extra PCI slot for extra cards as that’s something I didn’t look up but pretty sure it comes with Thunderbolt 3 (do still check, though). Maybe worth a look. It doesn’t come very cheap but has top of the line specs which should be more than enough for most applications.

Also, would love to hear what others suggest, too!

I have a lenovo Y900 running 24/7 since beginning of this year in a permanent installation without any issue, i think any gaming desktop of a know brand is good. I use this because i need a powerful nvidia card if not i always use intel nuc computers with good results on windows.

Regarding operating system. Windows 10 i hate it because i did not found any way to disable auto updates and this is not good to have in a permanent install computer so i tend to use win 8.1 or even win 7 or ubuntu

You likely just left out your price considerations (though if you were looking at new Apples, it can’t be too thrifty), but I think Puget Systems does an amazing job on its machines. I chose them (when I was able to afford them) because they specialize in making computers as quiet as possible. I’m still using my computer from them from 2010 as my main dev machine (I’ve upgraded the video, RAM and hard drives since then - I had Puget Systems do it, and they nicely migrated my preferred Windows 7 to a new drive) with no complaints. It’s been running 24 hours a day on most days for 9 years now, and I mainly only restart it when my external UPS needs to be reset every few weeks.

(I’ve also found it quite easy to move OF programs between computer OSes - Linux to Windows to Mac OS and back.)

I’ve had pretty good luck with building machines. I built 2 desktops about 5 years ago (4790K processor); they run Boinc projects full time (at least when I’m not using them). was helpful for reviews, looking at builds and components, and price comparisons. It can take quite a bit of time to look at what others have built, and sort thru options for cases, cooling, power supplies, memory, and the like. I’ve always bought known brands from reputable retailers (mostly Newegg).

I do love Linux (Debian derivatives) for stability, security, and maintenance. Mint works great on my desktops and older Dell laptops alike. A daily cron reboot is helpful for systems that run continuously.

I looked at Puget Systems too, and liked their products. I also liked System76, but I’m not sure about the reliability aspects. In the end, I opted to build rather than buy; I’d definitely build again in the future.

Hi, I’m happy with a Zotac Magnus en1060k. It has 4 video outputs, its almost silent, fits in a backpack, has a GTX 1060 (other models from the same brand have 1070 or 1080, or even RTX cards). My goal was to have something powerful, light and quiet. With an Asus MB16AC display, a mac keyboard and a mouse, I have something that I can use in a co-working space, live performances, and installations, capable of CUDA, machine learning and VR. And it’s cheaper than gaming laptops. But no space for PCI cards I think.