Recommendation for projectors and installation

I’ve been playing around with oF for projection-based artwork, does anyone have recommendations for projector installers? I’m in London. I’m thinking of one of the Optoma range, what would you go for?

For me its always been based on the conditions I need, like throw angle/offset how far or short the throw has to be etc… there is no brand loyalty at all for me its strictly based on what conditions are for the gallery/exhibit. That being said, cheap ones are usually bad but I’ve gotten by just fine with mid range ones. Really the only time high end has been a consideration is when you don’t want there to be the grey projection box that gives away the projectors existence

Thanks. Some specifics…

  • Projected size: <= 240x145cm
  • Distance available from wall, 220-250cm
  • It’s very important that there is no noticeable rectangle when the display is black
  • It’s not for watching videos; WUXGA is preferable to HD

I wouldn’t worry too much about WUXGA vs HD since you can set the resolution on the computer manually usually. You probably want something with a pretty high contrast ratio though and there are several on the optoma site with >= 1:15000 ratio. I dont think the throw or picture size specifications should be much of a problem as they seem like something a standard throw projector is capable of so you shouldn’t be limited by only short throw projectors.

Okay great, thanks.

@laserpilot wrote a pretty thorough piece for CA a while back that might be a good starting point: