Receiving touches alongside uikit components


Using the iPhoneGuiExample as reference, I added a small uiviewcontroller to the top of my OF based app which holds a UIButton which, when clicked, performs a modal transition to a settings page (entirely uikit). This works fine and I can receive touches in both the OF part of the screen, and in the UIButton. When I dismiss the modalview and come back to the main screen however, the OF part of the app can not receive any touches. The uibutton still can.

Can anyone suggest any possible reasons for this?


In answer to my own question:

The uiview which contained the uibutton seems to have resized its view.frame after calling dismissModalViewController:Animated and was stealing all the touches.
Manually setting the frame back to its original size allows me to receive touches once again in the OF section.

Thanks me.