receipt coder


I just wanted to share our latest project: The receipt coder. Starting today at 20:00 GMT, you’ll be able to use a receipt printer with javascript code over the internet. The app running on the server is of course written with openframeworks. see more and please contribute at

It’d be exciting to see your work on the list!

I’ll be there! Nice work, really cool to network it up a little :slight_smile:

We’ll relaunch the project again. This time in an old tower in the south of Switzerland. If everything works out, it will be running 8 weekends. So this should give you a lot of time for some ASCII coding :slight_smile: We have also included a gallery with the prints from last time.


I don’t understand very well this project. It seems interesting, collaborative and in a huge place (size matters ! ) but…

Can you give more details ?


Of course. We basically have this thermal printer set up in a gallery. It prints a long receipt, like the ones you get at the stores or like the one in this video:

On this printer you can print lines of ASCII code. This can be letters, numbers or special characters. You can see those on the website in the menu under symbols.

The software controlling the printer is controlled via javascript. We have developed a simple api to send those ASCII characters to the printer. there is more information under API and examples. This javascript code, can be added with our website.

So the idea is that people who are physically in the gallery can see the printouts of the work you or anybody else all over the world have submitted in real time. For those who are not here, the physical output get digitalized again and put into the gallery on the site. We hope that this will somehow break out of the static art exhibition situation, where you know in the beginning what you have. It is rather a “living” thing, where there is something new every day by different artists, we don’t even know. Directly, without censoring or preselection or whatsoever…

hope this makes things a little more clear and motivates you to submit a sketch as well ;). greets. philip

Great I will sketch… :wink:

Good to hear, we’re still looking for participants :slight_smile: