Realtime analogic video in hardware

Hi guys,

do you have experience with realtime analogic video input hardware? The hardware should be able to send live video (not capture only).

I’m looking for some inexpensive capture hardware (preferably external USB stick) to hook an analogic camera to OF video grabber. The camera outputs a NTSC signal via a RCA cable.

Would something like the “PixelView PlayTV USB Ultra” work?…-&id=254592


Yep, i’ve done it some times. Earlier i used the dazzle by pinnacle. It worked fine on my mac together with videoglide driver. In snow leopard that broke for some time, and i don’t know if its fixed now. I’ve also tried the XLR8 that does the same thing.

Roxio easy VHS to DVD + VideoGlide = works great on mac!

Take a look at EchoFx they have a list of devices that work to capture analog signal