Real time point cloud extraction + mesh generation

So our group is investigating using robotics to sculpt/manipulate clay or other types of plastic materials.

As these types of materials are notoriously hard to simulate, and even more complex to achieve in real-time, we are thinking of different approaches.

One plan is to use open CV to build real-time point cloud and match it with reference mesh/point cloud, and generate tool paths from the difference (this can be more sophisticated, but not related to OF)

So after looking at some videos of OF, my question is:

  1. how fast can this point cloud capture system be? (Seems real-time is not a problem.)
  2. How precise / detail can this point cloud be? Does it rely on the capture devices?
  3. Any available package for point cloud - mesh reconstruction?

C++ is not a problem for us, just OF is something new.

Thank you in advance.

Take a look at it point cloud library, it has the functions you need already and a look through the library and forum can answer your questions.