Real-time interactive system for dance performances


For my end of degree project I’ve created an interactive tool for generating graphics in real-time using the Microsoft Kinect camera. I use the amazing ofxFlowTools addon to simulate fluids and I got much inspiration from the forums to do the rest. I wanted to return the favor by uploading all the code and sharing it with you. This is the github repo where you can find the source code and there is also a pdf file of the full report of the project where you can find further information:

Here is a short video showing some of the things you can do with it:

And this is a tutorial explaining how to use the tool:

Hopefully it is useful for some of you! Thanks!!


Great Work… Wondering if you could help me and my of media arts students at a HS in Chicago:

I am using: macOS 10.11.6, Xcode 7, OF 0.8.4, and downloaded

In terminal I did the following:

  • cd /…/…/…/of_v0.8.4_osx_release/apps/myApps/crea
  • sudo make

But I get the following error:

  • src/Contour.cpp:114:19: error: no member named ‘setSortBySize’ in ‘ofxCv::ContourFinder’
    contourFinder.setSortBySize(true); // sort contours by size

  • src/Contour.cpp:114:19: error: no member named ‘setSortBySize’ in ‘ofxCv::ContourFinder’


  • 6 warnings and 1 error generated.
  • make[1]: *** [obj/osx/Release/src/Contour.o] Error 1
  • make: *** [Release] Error 2