Real Time Face Detection from a far Distance

I am using the face detection library in openframewrorks to capture face using logitech 1080 p webcam . It will only work fora distance of 2 meter as the face in the overall input is small. I have tried to crop and scale up the video input to manage up to a distance of 3 meters with a descent framerate. I have also tried to reduce the detection size to 20 px by px for face…But now the captures face was blurred …

I am working on an installation to capture the faces and animate them as collage…It should detect and crop faces form a distance of atleast 4.5 meters and the captured faces should have a descent resolution…Should in need to change the cameras…Is there a way to use DSLR or are there better cameras available…Looking forward for sugestions…I am working on linux and openframeworks.

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probably best way would be to use a DSLR camera with a zoom – a webcam will give you too small an image from that distance. you can use ofxEdsdk or ofxCanon to get a live view from most Canon DSLR cameras – it won’t work for all cameras though (there’s info in the readme). another idea would be to attach some sort of a zoom lens to the webcam.