Real Time Audio Processing. OF Not fast enough

Hi there guys!

I’m working on a part of my thesis about Audio Real Time Processing. And I have some questions for you, experts :slight_smile:

1-.Right now my RealTimeEngine function is called from TestApp::Update().
Without ant kind of heavy processing, Update() can achieve 63 cycles per second, while when I ‘load’ it with my function it goes down to 10 cycles per second or below, which it is NOT fast enough.

2-.I also tried, from Windws 7, to set a High Priority Class but it doesn’t seem to affect anything on the Update()'s processing speed.

3-.The problem is that now my program works very roughly, like moving in big steps instead of having a smooth behavior.

=> Can you think in any solution I could use to improve the speed to get a better flow in my program?

Any idea would be appreciated
Thank you very much

you shouldn’t be doing any audio processin in the main thread (in update) use an ofThread to do the audio processing