reading list

This forum is a great resource that I am using every day. In particular I am amazed by how generous people are with sharing their code.

But at times, i am finding myself wanting to dive in deeper, in order to understand why things/code work they way they do. Having addons and examples is super helpful. But understandably people are busy making projects happen and don’t spend much time explaining every line of code.

This is where good books might come in handy.

So I propose for people to post titles they recommend to read or not to read.

These I found helpful and has example code:
Learning OpenCV: Computer Vision with the OpenCV Library (Gary Bradski , Adrian Kaehler)
Opencv 2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook (Robert Lagani Re)
Programming in Objective-C (Stephen G. Kochan)

This was way over my head:
Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision (Richard Hartley, Andrew Zisserman)

This I was told is less head spinning but still full of math:
Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications (Richard Szeliski)

Regarding general C++ books, there’s a nice list on stackoverflow:
Personally, I can recommend Effective C++ by Scott Meyers. A nicely readable, not too complicated best practice book.

Making Things See: 3D vision with Kinect, Processing, Arduino, and MakerBot (Make: Books)

+1 for Effective C++, I have really been liking the Scott Meyers stuff

There are a few other C++ resources listed at the bottom of the OF about page