reading and writing strings with XML? or other file loading?

i would like to have a xml or txt file with some passwords + alphanumeric keys stored.

i’ve successfully used the xml addon for ints.
and digging into into the source, it seems the only thing that returns a string is the getAttribute call.

	string	getAttribute(const string& tag, const string& attribute, const string& defaultValue, int which = 0);  

and after reading this ( it seems that the attribute name might be a string but the attribute itself is always a number. ??

but maybe i can fake it by using the attribute name as the thing i’m reading?

in general, can i read and write strings with XML? or that’s another procedure?


after a little more poking around i’m guessing the ifstream and ofstream c++ functions are the way to go… please correct me if i’m wrong. tanx.

take a look at ofxXmlSettings.h - the get/setvalue method can also return/accept strings.

oh yeah. thanks!
i thought i had looked there but not closely enough…

mucho gracias!
works great and easy.