Reading an Audio Pipe in R-Pi as Audio input to OF App

Hi there! I’m reading an rtmp stream via rtmpdump in the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) and playing it with omxPlayer. To do this I used a named pipe like this.

mkfifo liveaudio rtmpdump -r "rtmp://server/stream --live -o liveaudio | omxplayer liveaudio

The final goal is to read the pipe “liveaudio” in OF as an ofSoundStream (like a microphone input for example) to do a simple realtime spectrum analysis.

First I was trying to do it with ofxVideoPipe addon, but it doesn’t works with audio stream. Maybe another simple solution can be to make an audio routing to the openframeworks application, but I don’t have experience with linux and audio stuff and I’m not sure how to do it.

Maybe is an easier path to do this.

If someone has tried to do something similar let me know, any help would be great for me.

Thanks in advance!

Javi Aránega

Now I’m trying to catch de stream with OF code using ofxOMXPlayer ( , a great addon, I have the addon working well with RTMP video stream, but it does not work well with RTMP audio-only stream. @jvcleave Maybe is possible to extract the decoded raw audio from the audio channel that is playing this ofOMXPlayer?