Read geographical coordinates and send them to a website. Suggestion?

Hi all, for a project I’m working on I need to read the geographical coordinates of the place where an installation is located and display them on a website. The location of the installation will probably change once every 4 months.

I do not want to send the position through internet, because i do not want that the people that prepare the installation have to connect the device to internet, they just have to turn it on.

I was thinking to buy an arduino, a gps sensor and send the coordinate through sms. I was thinking to code this app using openframeworks because I’m not that familiar with arduino, although maybe it’s easier.

I’ve read this article
but I wonder if there is something even easier and cheaper.
Do someone have some experience in this field? what is the fastest and cheapest way to achieve this?

I’d say that if the only thing you need is sending an SMS with the location you don’t need openframeworks at all. As you said you can buy an Arduino with a GPS and 3G module (or even a simpler GSM) shields and go with that. Programming Arduino will be straightforward if you have a little C and programming knowledge.

Now I did not look for them but I am quite sure there are 3G modules that offer a programmable controller embedded into them, that you could use to get position and send your SMS (may be only if it changed more than X meters from the last one). The market for those devices is huge.

Of course this will require some sort of contract with a mobile phone company to be able to send messages, and this is going to cost something, but I can’t see a way to avoid it if you need to communicate.

Just for a start you can have a look at, or orbcomm if you need something more… exotic :slight_smile:

Davide (we share the same first name, it seems :slight_smile: )

maybe you can spend less so:

raspberry pi zero $5:

gsm module (more or less $25):

gps module $35

to avoid adding other circuitry for double serial
you can turn on or turn off the board (GPS or GSM according to the requirements) via a pin of raspberry.

Ciao Dario

Grazie Davide, grazie Dario.
I will have a look to the hardware linked and try to sketch out something in the next days.

@kashim @davidemania what do you think about this product? I’ve read the specs and looks like it fits my needs

I’m just not an expert in this field and I do not want to buy something totally useless

Very fine board (sweet, indeed :slight_smile: ) but If you’d like to go with Arduino then this version will suit you better. It is the same but with a shield form factor and pinout, so you’ll be able to connect it to Arduino very easily.

Looks like it is precisely what you need.


Excellent shield, as suggested by david buy the version for Arduino, i recommend also take a antenna.

good day

I thought, maybe you can do this with a low cost smartphone and a small openFrameworks android app…

Just to close the conversation, I’ve ended up connecting the arduino uno, the fona 808, a powerboost 500 and a LIPO battery as follow.

It can be recharged using a telephone charger with an USB micro, that can be plugged into the Powerboost. Thank you :wink: