Read Data from Excel

I’m trying to read data from excel to inform oF of input properties for testAp::setup aslo to use for particle creation dimensions, etc… any advice/syntax help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks,


You are saying didn’t get it more. Say it in details so that I can get the proper idea that what you are going to say and what problem you are facing. You have problem with reading data from application. But you have not mention that which version you are using of MS Office.

maybe you can try to export your excel file to .csv format.
csv it’s a basic text file with lines/rows with coma ‘,’ separated between values (columns).
it depends of your excel file, not sure if your excel file should loose some stuff (pages/linked tables…etc) when converting to csv.
not sure if OF core has some csv loader/example but you can try this add-on too: