Re: ubuntu

Some details here:

Perhaps Songbird might be able to to what you want:
or this:

have you checked banshee - preferences - extensions - ipod support?
i don’t have an ipod, so just a wild guess, but i wonder if this will work at all with a 3 year old ubuntu…there’s been much progress since that time…

btw, according to the banshee homepage faq, this should work:
iPods - most iPods should work with Banshee, except iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Apple frequently updates the database format the devices use by upgrading iTunes, so it’s recommended to use Banshee exclusively to manage your iPod, or not at all. Importing music from an iPod managed with iTunes should be fine, though.

on the other hand, your banshee version would probably be <0.10, while current one is 1.6 in the repos… :?

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