Raspbian Stretch and Keyboard focus

I’m starting to work with Raspberry pi and recently I’ve followed the suggestion of running directly from the command line.
I’ve noticed sometimes OF App doesn’t handle key presses and command line keeps working, everything I type will be captured by the terminal. any way of avoiding that?
Does it have something to do with the window size?
Thank you

hmm… I never experience that.
and as far as I know, window size is not related with that.
how did you launch oF app from command? with shell script ? or by enter command line (ie : ./app or make RunRelease)

with shell script invoking make RunRelease. will try to invoke directly.
sometimes after I close the software I can’t see what I’m typing in bash too. even if logging remotely

wait. did you run app via ssh terminal remotely? if you want to get input, you should run with attached keyboard.

Thank you :slight_smile: this solves the issue!

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