Raspbian lite and OF, with and without windows

I have a simple question about using OF on the raspberry pi. If I install raspbian lite, so no desktop, can I still use OF apps with windows and graphics, or does everything have to be no-window?

In this case if my app is running from auto start and I ssh into the pi, do I get a new terminal or the terminal of the app?

Just a few quick questions before I go down a rabbit hole.


Yes you can use the LITE version and make graphical applications !
It works great, you won’t miss the desktop.

If your computer is on Windows, use Bitvise SSH Client, it is awesome.
If you start an app from SSH, then it’s like a parallel terminal. The output will be printed where you hit the ‘run’ command, but not on the raspberry. The graphical stuff will still show on the raspberry though.
It is even better because when you go fullscreen on RPi, you still have the terminal output on the side.