Raspberry wheezy not available on link

hi, can you please clarify this:

"Make sure you are working with the the “hard float” version of Raspbian “wheezy”, not the soft-float version (aka "Soft-float Debian “wheezy”).

When you go to the link
“Install the latest Raspbian “wheezy” image from the Raspberry Pi downloads page”

… there is only one version of Raspbian available for download, called “Raspbian Debian wheezy”.

Can you please make sure your link is correct and/or change your wording? It is very confusing right now, if not wrong.

Hi Julieta -

The page you are referring to is Getting your Raspberry Pi ready for openFrameworks yeah? It does seem to be dated as only the hard float version of Raspbian Weezy is available on the Raspberry Pi Downloads page.

Could you file an issue on the ofSite project with a request to update the page?

Thanks for replying. Yes, that is the page. I filed the issue in GitHufb so they update the page.

You are saying that only the hard float version is available? So you are saying that “RASPBIAN Debian Wheezy” is hard float, not soft float like “Soft-float Debian “wheezy””?

Will “RASPBIAN Debian Wheezy” work ok with OF then?

Yes, the Debian Wheezy download (torrent or direct) from the Raspberry Pi Downloads page is hard float and will work with openFrameworks (I don’t think a soft float version is distributed any longer). Thanks for filing ofSite/#270!

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