Raspberry pi2 projectGenerator

it’s my first time working with the pi2.
there is not make file to make an executable for the projectGenerator.
the command line projectGenerator has a make file and makes projects but not the GUI version of the projectGenerator.

i downloaded the latest of 0.9.0 arm7 version.

am i missing something?

Generally the project generator isn’t needed for the raspberry Pi. You should just be able to copy the Makefiles (Makefile, config.make, addons.make) to the project folder of your choice and run make -j4.

@arturo @jvcleave erhaps we should make sure there’s no PG files in the arm distros and make a note of this on the startup guide?

thanks so much for the fast reply. much appreciated.

as a tag on question.
i like IDEs so, would yu recommend installing code blocks and somehow make a project file for it in my project folder? question would be how to make that code blocks project file.
it’s not the in setup guide :frowning:

Just added a note about the PG that will appear when the site regenerates.

@stephanschulz some of that is covered in the Workflow Overview

Here is the way I set it up to edit on a Mac and run on the RPI.

  • Install Samba on the RPI (this is in the Workflow portion)
  • Mount the RPI on a Mac (e.g. /Volumes/Data)
  • Create a new Xcode project with the Project settings as Command Line
  • Create a group called “openFrameworks”
  • Drag the contents of the openFrameworks folder into the Xcode/openFrameworks group. This will allow for pseudo OF code completion
  • Add your apps in a similar way (e.g. create group, drag in emptyExample into mounted folder)
  • SSH into the RPI to compile and run the projects
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thanks for the input.

i installed samba as per this guide:

for now i am basically just copying over the src folder and addon.make file, then copy config.make and makefile from any arm7 example folder.
then in the PI2 terminal i cd to the right folder, then make, then in the OS GUI go to the bin folder and double click the executable.
it works.

thanks again.

as an addendum to this, if you want to use addons in your projects:

create an addons.make file (in same dir as config.make) and simply type in desired addons like this:


also I’ve found that I need to do a sudo make && make run for it to work via SSH.