Raspberry PI2 armv6 not compiling

by following the getting started guide for the latest RPI2 version, I keep on failing on compiling it.
Every time I try
make Release -C /home/pi/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project
is gives me the error: *** This package doesn’t support your platform, probably you downladed the wrong package? Stop.

I’m still confused if I should go for the armv6 or 7. The official setup guide says it should be 6 (even though RPI2 is armv7), but it leads me to the error showed above. This thread Raspberry Pi 2 Setup Guide (0.8.4) says that now it should be fine to install the armv7, but I also failed when trying it all the stages on the discussion.
NOOBS should be fine, right? or is it a must to install the Jessie image itself?
RPI2 latest NOOBS(V1_5_0)

Thanks a bunch!

you should be using debian jessie not noobs with the armv6 package of the nightly builds or the 0.9.1RC1. with 0.9.0 the armv7 package will compile but it has some problems with threads because although the board architecture is armv7 raspbian is compiled for armv6 and mixing libraries architectures gives some problems with threads among other things so since 0.9.1 we’ are going to switch to armv6 as default for raspbian

Thanks a lot @arturo
I managed to compile the armv7 on NOOBS now and seems to be running fine. Let’s see how far can I go til I face the issues with threads.