Raspberry pi videoPlayer : floating point exception

The videoPlayerExample runs but if I change the movie to a ‘gif’ that works fine on the pc I get the following error:

[warning] ofGstUtils: getDurationNanos(): couldn’t query time duration
[ error ] ofGstVideoPlayer: allocate(): cannot pipeline caps
Floating point exception
make: *** [run] Error 136

Any ideas?

I have the hard float version of wheezy.

I think that its because in windows ofvideplayer uses quicktime as on mac, and quicktime can play animated gif.

In arm ofvideoplayer uses gstreamer and maybe gstreamer does not support playing animated gifs

Maybe you can try using this addon

I thought wheezy had a quicktime component actually. Not sure now. Why would the lack of it give a ‘Floating point exception’ error?

I’ll dig in to the gifDecoder! Thanks a lot.